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Figure 18-5 displays the result after the search.
Figure 18-5. The Object Browser displays the search results for the built-in dialog boxes
available in Excel.
There are more than 250 dialog boxes you can call using the xlDialog intrinsic constants, but
some of them are more useful than others. The following three tables list dialog boxes used to
format cells, modify charts, and perform other miscellaneous but useful tasks.
Tip Check Your Work Against the interface
The arguments for each dialog box aren’t spelled out well in the online help files or in any
other available literature, but in many cases an argument will correspond to a check box, an
option button, or another control that appears somewhere in the dialog box. For example,
the xlDialogFont constant calls the Fonts dialog box. You select the Tahoma font and a size
of 12 by default using the code.
Note Application.Dialogs(xlDialogFont).Show "Tahoma", 12 .
To display the default font, you would leave the first argument blank, as in the statement
Application.Dialogs(xlDialogFont).Show, 12 .
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