Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The text displayed in the Label control reflects the control’s name, which in this case is
Label1 . You can change this value by changing the Caption property in the Properties
window or by clicking the control and typing the new caption directly on the form.
You can test your new user form at any time by choosing Run, Run Sub/UserForm
from the Visual Basic Editor’s main menu. This will result in the Excel window being
displayed with your new form displayed on top.
Click the Close box to close the user form and return to the Visual Basic Editor.
Modifying a UserForm
To modify a UserForm , you must first select it. You can select the user form by clicking
anyplace on the form that doesn’t have a control. You can also select the form by selecting it from
the drop-down menu in the Properties window. When the form is selected, it will be dis­
played with a border of dots and squares.
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