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The ToggleButton Control
The ToggleButton control is similar to a CheckBox control in that it gives the user a way to
choose between two values. The only real difference is that the To ggleButton control appears
to be “up” when the Va flue property is set to False and “down” when Va flue is set to Tr ue .
The SpinButton Control
The SpinButton control makes it easy for the user to choose from a range of numeric values.
The Va flue property holds the current value of the control. Pressing the Up Arrow button
increases the value, and pressing the Down Arrow button decreases the value.
The Min and Max properties specify the smallest and the largest values for the control. The
SmallChange property specifies the number that will be added or subtracted each time the
Up Arrow button or the Down Arrow button is pressed. By default, this value is 1.
Each time the Va flue property is changed in this control, the Change event is fired. If the Up
Arrow button is pressed, the SpinUp event will also be fired. If the Down Arrow button is
pressed, the SpinDown event is triggered.
The Delay property specifies the amount of time between Change events when the user clicks
and holds the mouse down on the Up Arrow or the Down Arrow button. The default is 50
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