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milliseconds. The delay between the first call and the second call is five times the Delay value
to make it easier for a user to press the button once. After the second call, the Change event
will be called after the amount of time specified in Delay has elapsed.
Typically, you will want to include a Te xtBox or a Label control beside the SpinButton control
to display the current value. This value is displayed by using code like the following:
Private Sub SpinButton1_Change()
TextBox1.Text = SpinButton1.Value
End Sub
The Frame Control
The Frame control provides a way to group together a series of controls. Technically, this con­
trol is known as a container because it’s the only control in Visual Basic form controls that can
hold other controls. The controls contained in a frame are also known as child controls .
Tip From Frame to Form
You can’t drag an existing control onto a frame, nor can you drag a control from the frame
to the UserForm . Instead, if you wish to move a control from a frame to the form or from the
form to the frame, you need to use a cut-and-paste operation. Select the control, and select
Edit, Cut from the main menu. Then select the desired container (either the frame or the
form), and select Edit, Paste from the main menu. Once the control is on the form or frame,
you can drag it around to place it exactly where you want it.
Frames are also useful if you want to draw visual attention to a group of controls. The Caption
property is displayed on the border of the Frame control.
Tip Moving Frames
Resizing and/or moving a frame around on a form also moves all the controls that it con€
tains. The same relative position between the child controls and the upper-left corner of the
frame will remain constant.
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