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The OptionButton Control
The OptionButton control provides a way to choose exactly one item from a group of items.
Each option button works like a check box in that the option button control has two states,
either selected or not selected. However, only a single option button on a form may be
selected. When the user clicks on a different option button, the currently selected option
button is unselected before the new option button is selected. This means that if your form has
20 option button controls on it, only one will be selected at a time.
If you need to display more than one group of option buttons on a form, you need to place
each group of option buttons in its own Frame control. This means that the group of option
buttons can affect only the values of the other option buttons in the same frame. Any option
buttons outside a frame will not be affected, nor will any option buttons stored in any
other frame.
Warning Use extreme caution when deleting a Frame control. Deleting the Frame control
will also delete any controls that it contains. If you want to preserve these controls, you
should cut or copy them to the clipboard, and then delete the Frame control itself. When the
Frame control is gone, you can paste those controls directly onto the form or wherever else
you want to place them.
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