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The Column property can be used to reference a particular column or row and column value.
If only one argument is supplied to the Column property, you can assign values to the specified
column in the list. Notice that the arguments are column number and row number, which is
the reverse order of the List property.
The AddItem method is typically used to add a new item to the list. You may optionally specify
the row where the new row should be placed. (Rows are numbered starting with row 0.) The
RemoveItem method removes the specified row from the list. The Clear method removes all
items from the list.
The To pIndex property contains the index of the first visible row in the list. The ListIndex
property contains the index of the currently selected row. It might also have a value of -1,
meaning that no row is currently selected. The Click event is called when the user clicks the
control. This routine displays the currently selected item in the list when the user clicks
the item.
Private Sub ListBox1_Click()
MsgBox ListBox1.ListIndex
End Sub
When the MultiSelect property is set to fmMultiSelectMulti , the user may select more than
one item in the list by pressing the spacebar or clicking the desired item. A value of
fmMultiSelectExtended allows the user to use the Shift and Ctrl keys to aid in the selection process.
Holding the Shift key while moving the mouse pointer adds all the items between the last
selected item and the item currently under the mouse pointer. The Ctrl key allows users to
click and select multiple nonadjacent items. However, if the user releases both the Shift and
Ctrl keys, clicking on a single item will clear the list and mark only the newly selected item.
When your program allows multiple items to be selected, you should use the Selected prop­
erty along with the row number to determine the status of each row. A value of Tr ue means
that the row is currently selected.
Setting the ListStyle property to fmListStylePlain means that the list of items are displayed as
a normal list. Selected items are highlighted by changing the item’s background color. However,
a value of fmListStyleOption means that option buttons ( MultiSelect=False ) or check boxes
MultiSelect=True ) will be displayed in front of each row to simplify the selection process. (
The Te xt property contains the currently selected value from the list. If the list has more than
one column, the Te xtColumn property identifies which column will be saved into the Te xt
The MatchEntry property determines how the ListBox can be searched. A value of
fmMatchEntryFirstLetter means that when the user types a letter, the list is searched for the first row
that has a matching character in the first position. Pressing the same character again will locate
the second occurrence of the letter as the first character. A value of fmMatchEntryComplete
allows the user to select the row by typing the prefix of characters that match the desired
entry. A value of fmMatchEntryNone disables the match function.
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