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The MatchFound property is Tr ue when the value displayed in the text box portion of the
control matches one of the items in the list. If MatchRequired property is Tr ue , the user will
not be allowed to leave the control until a matching entry is selected.
The RefEdit Control
The RefEdit control makes it easy to select a range of cells from a workbook. The user has the
option to enter the text value of the range in the text box part of the control. However, press­
ing the button located to the right of the control will collapse the current form so that only
the RefEdit control is visible and then transfer control back to Excel. There the user can select
the range of cells that will appear in the text box. Pressing the button a second time will
restore the original form with the newly selected range reference inserted in the RefEdit box.
The TabStrip Control
By providing a series of control containers such as the Frame control, plus a mechanism for
selecting a container, the Ta bStrip control provides a simple way to fit more controls onto a
form than otherwise would fit.
Each tab on the tab strip is an independent object within the Ta bStrip control. The Ta bs col­
flection returns a collection of Ta b objects. Methods are included in the collection to Add a
new Ta b object, Remove an existing Ta b object, or to Clear the collection. The currently
selected tab can be referenced directly through the Ta bStrip control’s SelectedItem property.
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