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Task Pane. Introduced in Excel 2002, task panes are interface objects with links to perform
common tasks in a number of subject areas. The task panes appear at the right edge of
the Excel window when you perform certain tasks (for example, clicking File, New dis­
plays the New Workbook task pane). You can also display the task panes by clicking
View, Task Pane. The following task panes are available to you in Excel 2003:
Clip Art. The Clip Art task pane gives you links you click to search for clip art
in the Office gallery, to organize clips you have saved, and to get help on topics
related to clip art.
Clipboard. The Clipboard task pane is the new home for the Office Clipboard.
The Office Clipboard can hold up to 24 items you have copied or cut to the
Document Recovery. If Excel crashes while you have a workbook open, the
Document Recovery task pane appears when you re-open Excel. You’ll have the
chance to choose whether you want to revert to the most recently saved version
of the workbook or to recover the workbook using the last AutoRecover file.
Document Updates. Used with SharePoint Services, the Document Updates
task pane gives you the ability to monitor workbooks you have placed in a
shared workspace for changes.
Getting Started. The Getting Started task pane contains links for opening a
recently used file, creating a new workbook, or connecting to the Microsoft
Office Web site.
Help. The Help task pane has links to Microsoft support newsgroups, to infor­
mation about assistance and training for Microsoft Office, and find out what’s
new in Excel 2003.
New Workbook. The New Workbook task pane lets you use templates to
create a new workbook, search for workbook templates on your computer or on
the Microsoft Office site, or create a blank workbook.
Research. The Research task pane has links to a range of tools you can use to
look up words and phrases. There are dictionaries and thesauruses available in
several languages, and there is a “translation” utility you can use to find corres­
ponding terms in French, Portuguese, Italian, and other languages.
Search Results. The Search Results task pane lets you search the Help system,, the Office Support site, or online research tools for a word or
phrase you type in the Search box.
Shared Workspace. Also part of the new Excel 2003 support for SharePoint
Services, the Shared Workspace task pane contains a set of hyperlinks you can
use to create and manage workspaces where you and your colleagues can collab­
orate on a shared document.
XML Source. The XML Source task pane contains a set of tools that let you
assign XML structure to a worksheet so that you can exchange XML-formatted
data with colleagues and clients.
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