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The MultiPage Control
The MultiPage control is similar to the Ta bStrip control. It has a collection of Page objects,
which correspond directly to the Ta b objects. The primary difference between the Ta bStrip
control and the MultiPage control is that the individual Page objects with the MultiPage con­
trol include a richer collection of properties and methods. In fact, the MultiPage control con­
tains most of the properties and methods available on the UserForm object, such as the ability
to display scroll bars and use pictures as the background.
The TransactionEffect property associated with the Page object controls the visual representa­
tion of one page moving to another. With this property, you can instruct the new page to
move over the old page horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; or you can specify that the new
page will “push” the old page off the screen either horizontally or vertically. The
TransitionPeriod property defines the milliseconds that the transaction effect will last.
In this chapter, you learned about user forms and the controls you can add to them. User forms
are useful when you need to prompt the user to enter information or display a result to the
user. The most common controls are the label control, the text box control, and the command
button control. The label control provides a way to display information to the user. The text box
control provides a way for the user to accept information from the user, while the command
button control provides a convenient way for the user to request the application to perform a
specific task. The other controls available for a user form provide alternate ways to present
information to a user or accept information from a user.
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