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Part 5: Manipulating Excel Objects
Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Programming Inside Out
Figure 20-5. Step 1 of the wizard allows the user to select from multiple options using the
OptionButton controls.
Step 2 of the wizard allows the user to enter values into two distinct text box controls.
(See Figure 20-6.) Again, a frame control is used to provide instructions to the user.
Figure 20-6.
The user can enter information into multiple text boxes in step 2 of the wizard.
In the final step of the wizard, the user is given a chance to review the information entered in
the previous steps of the wizard. (See Figure 20-7.) The Next button is disabled because there
are no subsequent steps. To end the wizard, the user can press either the Cancel or the
Finish button.
On the CD The complete source code for this example is found on the CD in
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