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Part 5: Manipulating Excel Objects
Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Programming Inside Out
Collecting Options for the Wizard
Now that the framework for running the wizard is in place, it’s time to show how you might
collect some information from the user. These steps demonstrate some of the ways you might
collect information. You’ll need to determine what information your wizard really needs to
collect to perform the task assigned to the wizard.
In step 1 of the wizard, a Frame control surrounds a set of four OptionButton controls. (See
Figure 20-9.) This allows the user to choose any one of four different options without any
Figure 20-9.
A Frame control surrounds a set of OptionButtons .
In step 2 of the wizard, another Frame control is used to provide a consistent look and feel
with step 1. Within the frame, two label and text box controls are displayed to capture other
information. (See Figure 20-10.) The text box controls are named Header and Footer to
match the Captions displayed on the label controls beside them.
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