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Figure 21-2. The Outlook Calendar with the newly created Spring Sales Initiative Meeting on
the morning of March 7, 2005.
Early Binding
In early binding, the binding between the object variable and the object occurs when the
application is compiled. The end result is better performance compared to late binding. You
can add an Object Library using the References command from the Tools menu in the Visual
Basic Editor. When the reference has been added to the VBA Project, you are able to declare
specific object variables. This is an easier method of programming foreign objects because
the Visual Basic Editor will display the same programming help regarding the foreign object
that it would display for the object belonging to the application you are working from.
Before programming the procedure, add the appropriate reference. Follow these steps to add
a reference to Microsoft Outlook.
Open the Visual Basic Editor.
Select the References option from the Tools menu.
Scroll through the available references until you find the Microsoft Outlook Object
Check the box beside the reference.
Click OK to close the References dialog box.
Figure 21-3, displays the References dialog box with the Outlook Object Library selected.
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