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Dim wbkSheet As Excel.Workbook
Set wbkSheet = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet”)
To automate Excel starting with the Workbook object that contains a worksheet with a chart
and another worksheet, use the following code.
Dim wbkChart As Excel.Workbook
Set wbkChart = CreateObject("Excel.Chart”)
When automating Excel starting from a Workbook object or automating Word starting from
a Document object, an implicit reference is created to the Application object. If you need to
access properties and methods of the Application object, use the appropriate Application
property of the Document or Wo rkbook objects. Using the Document or Workbook objects as
top-level objects reduces the amount of code you have to write. In most cases your code will
be easier to follow and more consistent than when you reference the Application object. Table
21-1 lists all the top-level Office objects that can be referenced and their class names.
Table 21-1. Top-Level Office Objects and Their Associated Class Names
Top-Level Office Object
Class Name
Access Application object
Excel Application object
Excel Workbook object
FrontPage Application object
Outlook Application object
PowerPoint Application object
Word Application object
Word Document object
Opening a Document in Word
If you want to open a file created using a different Office application than you are currently
using, use the GetObject function to directly open the file. However, it’s just as easy to open an
instance of the application and open the file from the application.
The following code copies a range in Excel to the clipboard. It then starts a new instance of
Word, opens an existing Word document and pastes the range at the end of the document.
Because the code uses early binding, be sure to set up the reference to the Word Object
Library first.
Note In the example that follows, be sure to replace the worksheet name and the
filename to reference a file located on your computer. If you are referencing files that don’t
exist, an error will occur when you test this procedure.
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