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The logic in the DeleteCommandBar routine is similar to the logic in the AddCommandBar
routine that ensures that the command bar doesn’t exist before creating a new one. Error
checking is disabled, and a temporary object reference to the CommandBar object is created
from the CommandBars collection. If the temporary object reference is valid, the Delete method
is used to remove the entire command bar with all its command bar controls from Excel.
Sub DeleteCommandBar()
Dim c As CommandBar
On Error Resume Next
Set c = Application.CommandBars("Excel2k3 VBA Query")
If Not c Is Nothing Then
Application.CommandBars("Excel2k3 VBA Query").Delete
End If
End Sub
Connecting to a Database
To execute a database query, you need to create a connection to the database. However,
because you need different connection information for each database, it makes sense to use a
user form to collect this information. (See Figure 24-3.)
Figure 24-3. The user supplies the database connection information through the Database
Properties dialog box.
The program stores the connection information in the Microsoft Windows registry so the
program will remember the last value that the user selected.
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