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Tip I Am Me
UserForm modules are like regular class modules, so you can refer to the current instance
of the object by using the keyword Me. This can be extremely useful with some statements,
such as the Unload statement, where you have to supply an object reference to the UserForm
object you wish to unload.
When the user clicks the Cancel button, the CommandButton2 event is called. Because the
user has chosen not to change the connection information stored in the registry, the only step
necessary is to unload the current form.
Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub
Editing a Query
The query values are stored in the ComboBox control on the Excel2k3 VBA Query command
bar. Each query has its own entry, which can be selected by choosing the appropriate entry
from the drop-down list. Pressing the Edit Query button on the command bar loads the
DBQuery UserForm (shown in Figure 24-5) with the currently selected query from the
ComboBox control on the command bar.
Figure 24-5. The DBQuery form is essentially a large textbox that allows the user to enter
his query.
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