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The following code is executed when the UserForm is loaded. After locating the proper
command bar, the FindControl method is used to get an object pointer to the Command
barComboBox control by searching for the proper Ta g property value. Then, assuming that
the control exists, the Te xt property of the combo box control is copied to the large,
multiline textbox control on the UserForm .
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim c As CommandBar
Dim cc As CommandBarComboBox
On Error Resume Next
Set c = Application.CommandBars("Excel2k3 VBA Query")
Set cc = c.FindControl(, , "Excel2k3 VBA Query Statement")
If Not cc Is Nothing Then
Query.Text = cc.Text
End If
End Sub
Once the user has made the desired changes to the query, pressing the Close button closes the
user form.
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub
When the user form is closed, the SaveData routine is called from the UserForm_Terminate
event to insure that the query is always saved when the form is closed. By placing the call to
SaveData here, the query is saved no matter how the form is closed.
Private Sub UserForm_Terminate()
End Sub
The SaveData routine copies the query statement to the Te xt property of the
CommandBarComboBox control using the same basic technique that was used to load the query.
Sub SaveData()
Dim c As CommandBar
Dim cc As CommandBarComboBox
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