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Caution Notice that Excel appends the filename extension .htm to whichever filename
you enter in this text box. This is the standard extension for a HyperText Markup text file. If
you plan to publish the Web page on a UNIX Web server, keep in mind that this operating
system is sensitive to uppercase and lowercase letters in the filename. The Macintosh and
Windows operating system are both case blind when it comes to filenames.
Specify a title for the Web page; click the Change Title button in the Save As dialog
box. Type the text for the title in the Set Page Title dialog box, and click OK.
Tip The Procedure Depends on You
To save a chart that wasn’t selected prior to opening the Save As dialog box, click the
Publish button and then select the chart, identified by its description from the Choose
dropdown list. To save a specific range of cells that you didn’t select prior to opening the Save
As dialog box, click the Publish button. Then select Range of Cells from the Choose
dropdown list before you type the range address in the text box immediately below, or enter the
range by selecting the range of cells by highlighting them in the worksheet.
While saving your worksheet data in the new Web page, Excel automatically creates a new
folder with the same name as the .htm file that contains all the supporting files, including the
graphics files and charts among the numerical data. So if you move the Web page from a local
drive to a Web server, you need to copy the supporting files folder, as well as its Web page file,
to ensure that the user’s browser can successfully open the entire contents of the page.
If you don’t want Excel to create a separate folder with the supporting files, change the setting
in the Web Options dialog box. To open the Web Options dialog box, select the Tools menu
from Microsoft Excel and then select Options. Select the General Tab, and click the Web
Options button. In the Web Options dialog box, select the Files tab. Remove the check mark
from the Organize Supporting Files in a Folder check box on the Files tab.
Note Keep in mind that when you save an entire workbook containing worksheet data
and charts on separate worksheets, Internet Explorer preserves the original Excel sheet
arrangement in the resultant static Web page by adding sheet tabs at the bottom of the
Internet Explorer window.
Alternatively you can save your worksheet as a Web page using Microsoft Visual Basic for
Applications (VBA) code. Review the following simple procedure to save your active
worksheet as a Web page:
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