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Sub SaveAsWebPage()
With ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add(xlSourceSheet, _
“C:\Page.mht", “Sheet1", “", xlHtmlStatic, _
“ProductSales_18739", “My Web”)
.Publish (False)
.AutoRepublish = False
End With
End Sub
This procedure simply saves the active worksheet as a Web page. Remember that thorough
testing should be included whenever a new Web page is created. Testing will alleviate end user
problems before your page is published on the Web.
Publishing a Worksheet to the Web
After the Web page has been saved, you are required to publish the page to the Web before
you can share it with the world. The following steps review how to post your Web page on the
Click File, Save as Web Page to open the Save As Web Page dialog box. Select the Entire
Workbook option. Then click the Publish button. The Publish as Web Page dialog box
opens, as shown in Figure 25-2.
Figure 25-2. The Publish as a Web Page dialog box displays the options
available before the save operation is complete. You can set up the location, file
name, and other options from this dialog box.
Click the Browse button to select the location for the Web page to be stored.
If you have already set up a Web folder, navigate to the appropriate folder and skip
forward to step 10; otherwise, follow these steps.
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