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In Depth Information
Now that you understand the Web publishing process, it’s quite simple to add the publication
step to the procedure you created earlier. The following procedure has been modified so that
the Web page is published after it has been created:
Sub SaveAsWebPage()
With ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add(xlSourceSheet, _
“C:\My Webs\MyPage.mht", “Sheet1", “", xlHtmlStatic, _
“ProductSales_187 39", “My Web”)
.Publish (True)
.AutoRepublish = False
End With
End Sub
Inside Out
Web Page Style and Publication
Keep in mind that whether you are positing your data so that it’s available to your intranet
or to the world on the Internet, you are sharing information. This information should be pre­
sented on the screen in an easy-to-read format. Displaying a table of information is great,
but a chart might be easier for the audience to quickly digest.
There are also several general rules of thumb to follow when you create your Web site. For
example, I am sure that you’ve visited a Web site that was difficult to read because of the
color selection. If a site has a dark background and a dark font color, it might be too frus­
trating for the audience to stay long enough to read your information. The page layout is
also important, in addition to using appropriate, user-friendly navigational tools. Remember
that users will become frustrated if you have your information laid out well but it’s incon­
venient to return to previous pages or the top of the current page.
Finally, before you publish your Web page, you should make sure it’s ready by checking for
broken hyperlinks, verifying that the pages look the way you want them to, and testing the
Web to make sure that everything works. A good way to ensure your Web is ready is to
preview it in more than one Web browser.
Making Web-Based Worksheets Interactive
Interactive components allow people to manipulate your data on the Web page in the browser.
For example, you can publish an interactive spreadsheet that calculates loan information. A
user can browse through the page and enter financial information such as the loan amount
and interest rate to calculate his monthly payment.
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