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The interactive components used in the HTML file can’t be opened and modified in Excel, so
you should maintain a master copy of the Excel workbook from which you published, so that
you can make changes to it and republish the workbook if necessary.
When a Web page is published with interactivity, users can manipulate data. You create an
interactive Excel Web page by saving the data with spreadsheet functionality . When you pub­
lish interactively with spreadsheet functionality, users can do the following:
Enter data
Format data
Calculate data
Analyze data
Sort and filter
There are several types of interactivity available to your worksheet. Table 25-1 outlines the
available options.
Table 25-1. Interactivity Options
Spreadsheet functionality
Users can modify the data by changing the values in the
cells. The formulas are then automatically updated to reflect
the changes. This option also allows you to filter lists on the
Web page.
PivotTable functionality
Users can change the layout of rows and columns to see
different summaries of the source data if using a PivotTable
report. Using PivotTable also allows the user to update the
external data range.
Chart functionality
Provides the user with interactive options with the chart on
the Web page.
Note The browser used to display the interactive components must be Microsoft Internet
Explorer 4.1 or later and have an appropriate Microsoft Office license to work with
spreadsheets, charts, or PivotTable lists published interactively from Excel.
The steps below outline how to add interactivity on your Web page.
Select the File menu, and then select the Save as Web page menu option.
Type the filename in the Filename text box.
Place a check mark in the Add Interactivity check box.
Click the Publish button.
Select the type of interactivity you want from the Add Interactivity With list. The type
of interactivity that’s available is limited to the types of objects in your worksheet.
Click the Publish button.
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