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Figure 26-1. A data list has column headers and rows of data, with each row representing a
complete set of column values.
One of the advances of Microsoft Office Excel 2003 is that the concept of data lists has been
codified into a coherent whole, implementing the new vision in a manner very like an Access
table or a data form (not to be confused with a user form).
To create a data list using the Excel interface, follow these steps:
1 Type the names in the cells that will become the top row of the list.
2 Click Data, List, Create List to display the Create List dialog box (shown in Figure 26-2).
3 Select the cells to be part of the list.
4 Select the My List Has Headers check box if the top row you selected contains the colĀ­
umn headings.
5 Click OK.
Figure 26-2.
The Create List dialog box lets you determine the structure of your
data list.
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