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Note The words map and schema are often used interchangeably.
To associate a data map with a worksheet, follow these steps:
1 Click Data, XML, XML Source to display the XML Source task pane.
2 Click the XML Maps button to display the XML Maps dialog box.
3 Click Add to display the Select XML Source dialog box.
Navigate to the folder that contains the schema (a file with an .xsd extension) you
want to map to the worksheet.
Click the file, and then click Open to add an outline of the schema to the XML Source
task pane.
You can now drag individual elements from the map to the worksheet cells where you want
the data to appear. After you drag an element to the worksheet, an AutoFilter down arrow
will appear at the right edge of the cell. Click the down arrow, and select where you want the
element label (the element’s name, such as CompanyName ) to appear.
Note The names of elements you have mapped to a cell in a worksheet appear in bold
type in the XML Source task pane.
If you want to add an entire element with all its subelements, you can do so by dragging the
main element to a cell in the worksheet. Figure 26-5 shows the result of dragging the Supplier
element from the MySuppliers.xsd schema to cell A1.
Figure 26-5. You can map an entire element (with all its subelements) to a worksheet
at once.
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