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Figure 4-3. The Visual Basic Editor Form Editor takes over when you move from writing VBA
code to creating user forms.
Just like every other Windows-based application, the Visual Basic Editor has a menu bar and
tool bar providing access to many other features. Most of the menu options available on the
File, Edit, Window, and Help menus reflect the same options available in other
Windowsbased applications. The rest of the menus, however, contain valuable capabilities that you’ll
use frequently while working with the Visual Basic Editor.
The View Menu
The View menu lets you open and/or jump to specific windows within the Visual Basic
Editor; through it you can open windows that aren’t currently visible or even return to Excel
without closing the Visual Basic Editor. Table 4-1 summarizes the items available on the
View menu.
Table 4-1. Menu Items Available on the View Menu in the Visual Basic Editor
Code €
Displays or activates the Code window for the currently selected
item within the Project Explorer.
Object €
Displays or activates the object currently selected within the
Project Explorer.
Definition €
Displays or activates the Object Browser window showing the entry
for the currently selected item within the Code window. If the item
is a procedure or function, it displays the code for that procedure
or function.
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