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Set Margins
Set Margins
By default, Word assigns a 1-inch margin all the way around the page in every new document
that you create. However, you can change these margin settings. For example, you can set wider
margins to fit less text on a page, or set smaller margins to fit more text on a page. You can apply
your changes to the current document only, or make them the new default setting, to be applied
to all new Word documents you create. When you adjust margins, Word sets the margins from the
position of the insertion point to the end of the document.
Set Margins
Set Margins Using Page
Layout Tools
1 Click anywhere in the
document or section where
you want to change margins.
2 Click the Page Layout tab on
the Ribbon.
3 Click Margins .
The Margins Gallery appears.
4 Click a margin setting.
A Word applies the new setting.
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