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Create Lists
Create Lists
You can draw attention to lists of information by using bullets or numbers. Bulleted and numbered
lists can help you present your information in an organized way. A bulleted list adds dots or other
similar symbols in front of each list item, whereas a numbered list adds sequential numbers or letters
in front of each list item. As a general rule, use bullets when the items in your list do not follow any
particular order and use numbers when the items in your list follow a particular order.
You can create a list as you type it or after you have typed list elements.
Create Lists
Create a List as You Type
1 Type to create a numbered list or 1.
to create a bulleted list. *
2 Press
A Word automatically formats the
entry as a list item and displays the
AutoCorrect Options button ( ) so
that you can undo or stop automatic
3 Type a list item.
4 Press to prepare to type
another list item.
B Word automatically adds a bullet or
number for the next item.
5 Repeat Steps and for each list 4
To stop entering items in the list,
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