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Copy Formatting
Copy Formatting
Suppose you have applied a variety of formatting options to a paragraph to create a certain
look — for example, you changed the font, the size, the color, and the alignment. If you want
to re-create the same look elsewhere in the document, you do not have to repeat the same steps
as when you applied the original formatting, again changing the font, size, color, and alignment.
Instead, you can use the Format Painter feature to “paint” the formatting to the other text in one
swift action. With the Format Painter feature, copying formatting is as easy as clicking a button.
Copy Formatting
1 Select the text containing the
formatting that you want to copy.
A If you drag to select, the Mini
toolbar appears in the background,
and you can use it by moving
toward the Mini toolbar.
2 To use the Ribbon, click the
Home tab.
3 Click the Format Painter
button (
The mouse pointer changes to
when you move the mouse over
your document.
4 Click and drag over the text to
which you want to apply the same
B Word copies the formatting from
the original text to the new text.
To copy the same formatting
multiple times, you can
You can press to cancel the
Format Painter feature at any time.
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