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Assign a Theme
Assign a Theme
A theme is a predesigned set of color schemes, fonts, and other visual attributes. Applying a
theme to a document is a quick way to add polish to it. And, because themes are shared among
the Office programs, you can use the same theme in your Word document that you have applied to
worksheets in Excel or slides in PowerPoint.
Note that the effect of applying a theme is more obvious if you have assigned styles such as
headings to your document. The effects of themes are even more pronounced when you assign a
background color to a page.
Assign a Theme
Apply a Theme
1 Click the Design tab.
2 Click the Themes button.
Note: You can point the mouse
at each theme to see its effect
on your document.
3 Click a theme.
A Word applies the theme to the
current document.
B You can use these tools to
change the formatting of
the theme’s colors, fonts,
paragraph spacing, and effects.
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