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Assign a Theme
Adding Extra Touches
Create a Custom Theme
1 Apply a theme and edit the
formatting to create the
theme that you want to save.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click the Themes button.
4 Click Save Current Theme .
The Save Current Theme
dialog box appears.
5 Type a unique name for the
C By default, Word saves the
theme to the Document
Themes folder so that it is
accessible in the Themes
6 Click Save .
Word saves the theme and
adds it to the list of
available themes.
How can I make the effects of my theme more obvious?
As mentioned, the effects of your theme are more obvious if you have applied page styles such as headings
and a background color to your document. To apply a background color, click the Design tab on the Ribbon,
click the Page Color button in the Page Background group, and click a color in the palette; Word applies
the color you selected to the background of the page. For help applying a heading style, see Chapter 6.
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