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Add Borders
Add Borders
You can apply borders around your text to add emphasis or make the document aesthetically
appealing. You can add borders around a single paragraph, multiple paragraphs, or each page
in the document. (Be aware that you should not add too many effects, such as borders, to your
document because it will become difficult to read.)
Word comes with several predesigned borders, which you can apply to your document. Alternatively,
you can create your own custom borders — for example, making each border line a different color or
thickness. Another option is to apply shading to your text to set it apart.
Add Borders
Add a Paragraph Border
1 Select the text to which you
want to add a border.
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click the Borders button (
4 Click a border.
A Word applies the border to
the text.
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