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Insert a Table
Insert a Table
You can use tables to present data in an organized fashion. For example, you might add a table to
your document to display a list of items or a roster of classes. Tables contain columns and rows,
which intersect to form cells. You can insert all types of data in cells, including text and graphics.
To enter text in a cell, click in the cell and then type your data. As you type, Word wraps the text to
fit in the cell. Press to move from one cell to another. You can select table cells, rows, and
columns to perform editing tasks and apply formatting.
Insert a Table
Insert a Table
1 Click in the document where
you want to insert a table.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click the Table button.
A Word displays a table grid.
4 Slide the mouse pointer
across the squares that
represent the number of rows
and columns you want in
your table.
B Word previews the table as
you drag over cells.
5 Click the square representing
the lower-right corner of
your table.
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