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Insert a Table
Adding Extra Touches
The table appears in your
C Table Tools appear on the
6 Click in a table cell and type
D If necessary, Word expands
the row size to accommodate
the text.
You can press to move
the insertion point to the
next cell.
Delete a Table
1 Click anywhere in the table you
want to delete.
2 Click the Layout tab.
3 Click Delete .
4 Click Delete Table .
Word removes the table and its
contents from your document.
Can I add rows to a table?
Yes. To add a row to the bottom of the table, place
the insertion point in the last cell and press .
To add a row anywhere else, use the buttons in the
Rows & Columns section of the Layout tab.
What, exactly, is a table cell?
A cell refers to the intersection of a row and column
in a table. In spreadsheet programs, columns are
named with letters, rows with numbers, and cells are
named using the column letter and row number. For
example, the cell at the intersection of column A
and row 2 is called A2.
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