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Apply Table Styles
Apply Table Styles
When you click in a table you have added to your document, two new tabs appear on the
Ribbon: Design and Layout. You can use the table styles found in the Design tab to add instant
formatting to your Word tables. Word offers numerous predefined table styles, each with its own
unique set of formatting characteristics, including shading, color, borders, and fonts.
The Design tab also includes settings for creating custom borders and applying custom shading. You
can also use check boxes in the Table Style Options group to add a header row, emphasize the table’s
first column, and more.
Apply Table Styles
1 Click anywhere in the table
that you want to format.
2 Click the Table Tools Design
tab on the Ribbon.
3 Click a style from the Table
Styles list.
Note: You can click in the
lower-right corner of the Table
Styles Gallery to display the
entire palette of available styles.
A Word applies the style.
B You can toggle table parts on
or off using the Table Style
Options check boxes.
C You can click these options
to change the shading and
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