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Insert an Excel Spreadsheet
Insert an Excel Spreadsheet
If Excel is installed on your computer, you can insert a new Excel spreadsheet into your Word
document. You can then insert data such as text or graphics in the cells in the spreadsheet. To
add text, click in a cell and begin typing; press
to move from one cell to another.
When you click in an Excel spreadsheet that you have inserted in your Word document, the Ribbon
in Word changes to display various Excel tools and features. You can use these tools and features to
work with any data you add to the spreadsheet.
Insert an Excel Spreadsheet
1 Click in the document where you
want to insert a table.
2 Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
3 Click the Table button.
4 Click Excel Spreadsheet .
A An Excel spreadsheet appears, along
with tools associated with Excel.
Note: Do not worry if the table seems
misaligned; when you click outside the
table, it will align properly.
5 Click in a cell and type the data that
you want to add.
B The Home tab displays tools for
formatting your cells and data.
C The Formulas tab offers tools for
building Excel formulas.
You can click anywhere outside of
the table to return to the Word tools
and features.
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