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Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
Adding Extra Touches
Insert an Endnote
1 Click where you want to insert the
endnote reference.
B In this example, the endnote
number appears on Page 1.
2 Click the References tab.
3 Click Insert Endnote .
Word inserts the endnote number
in the body of your document.
C Word inserts the endnote number
at the end of your document and
displays the insertion point in the
endnote area at the bottom of the
last page of the document.
4 Type your endnote text.
You can double-click the endnote
number or press + to
return the insertion point to the
place in your document where you
inserted the endnote.
How can I change the starting number for footnotes or endnotes in my document?
If you need to change the starting footnote or endnote number in your document — for example, if you are
working on a new chapter, but you want the numbering to continue from the previous one — click the
References tab and click the dialog box launcher ( ) in the Footnotes group. The Footnote and Endnote
dialog box appears; click in the Start at text box and type a number or use the spin arrow (
) to set a new
number. Click Apply to apply the changes to the document.
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