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Mark Index Entries
Mark Index Entries
If your document requires an index, you can use Word to build one. Indexes can contain main
entries and subentries as well as cross-references (entries that refer to other entries).
Before you can build an index, you must mark any words or phrases in your document that should
appear in the index. When you do, Word adds a special index field, called an XE field, to the document;
this field includes the marked word or phrase, as well as any cross-reference information you might
have added. After you mark index entries, you can generate the index (discussed in the next section).
Mark Index Entries
Mark a Word or Phrase
1 Select the text for which you
want to create an index entry.
2 Click the References tab.
3 Click the Mark Entry button.
The Mark Index Entry dialog box
A The text you selected appears in
the Main Entry field.
Note: To create an entry for a person’s
name, type the name in the Main
Entry field in this format: Last Name,
First Name.
B Select Current Page (
to ).
C If you want the index to include
an entry for the word or phrase
on this page only, click Mark .
D To mark all occurrences of the
word or phrase in the document,
click Mark All .
E Word adds an index entry field to
your document.
Note: To view the field, click the
Home tab’s Show/Hide button (
4 Click Close .
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