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Mark Index Entries
Adding Extra Touches
Mark a Word or Phrase that Spans
a Range of Pages
1 Select the range of text to which the
index entry should refer.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Links .
4 Click Bookmark .
5 In the Bookmark dialog box, type a
bookmark name. Do not include
6 Click Add .
Note: The Cancel button becomes the
Close button.
7 Click Close .
8 Click at the end of the text you selected.
9 Click the References tab.
0 Click Mark Entry .
! In the Mark Index Entry dialog box, type
the word or phrase that should appear in
the index for this entry.
@ Select Page range ( changes to ).
# Click the Bookmark and choose the
bookmark you just created.
$ Click Mark .
F Word adds an XE field to your document.
% Click Close .
Can I add a subentry?
Yes. Select the text and, in the Mark Index Entry dialog box, type
the entry under which the text should appear in the Main entry
field. Then type subentry text in the Subentry field. If the text
should appear as a subentry and a main entry, add two XE fields —
one for each entry.
Can I add index entry
Yes. Click Cross-reference in the Mark
Index Entry dialog box and type the
index word or phrase to which the entry
should refer.
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