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Generate an Index
Generate an Index
After you mark the words and phrases in your Word document that you want to appear as index
entries, including main entries, subentries, and cross-references, you can generate the index.
When you generate an index, Word searches for marked words and phrases, sorts them alphabetically,
adds page-number references, and removes duplicate entries that cite the same page number.
If you do not care for the default appearance of the index, you can customize it to suit your taste.
Also, if you make a change to your document after generating the index, you can update the index to
reflect the change.
Generate an Index
Generate an Index
1 Click the spot in your document
where you want to insert the
2 Click the References tab.
3 Click the Insert Index button.
The Index dialog box appears.
4 Click the Formats
and select
an index design.
A Preview the selected index
design here.
5 Select Indented (
to ).
6 Click the Columns to change
the number of columns per
page in the index.
7 Click OK.
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