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Create a Bibliography
Adding Extra Touches
Generate the Bibliography
1 Click the location where the
bibliography should appear
(typically at the end of the
2 Click the References tab.
3 Click the Bibliography button.
4 Choose one of the predesigned
bibliography gallery options.
B Word inserts the bibliography.
If you slide the mouse pointer
over the bibliography, light gray
shading appears, indicating a
Word field.
Note: To specify which style
guide you want to use, click the
References tab, click the Style
in the Citations & Bibliography
group, and choose a style guide
from the list that appears.
What can I do if I do not have all the information I need about a citation?
If you want to add a citation to your document but you are missing some of the required information, you
can create a placeholder. To do so, click the References tab, click Insert Citation , and choose Add New
Placeholder . The Placeholder Name dialog box opens; type a name for the placeholder. Later, add citation
information by clicking the Manage Sources button in the References tab to open the Manage Sources
dialog box, clicking the placeholder under Current List, clicking Edit , and typing the necessary information.
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