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Chapter 8: Reviewing Documents
Work in Read Mode View
Read Mode view optimizes your document for easier reading and helps minimize eye strain when
you read the document on-screen. This view removes most toolbars, and supports mouse,
keyboard, and tablet motions. To move from page to page in a document using your mouse, you can
click the arrows on the left and right sides of the pages or use the scroll wheel. To navigate using the
keyboard, you can press the Page Up, Page Down, space bar, and Backspace keys on the keyboard, or
press any arrow key. If you use a tablet or other touch pad device, swipe left or right with your finger.
Work in Read Mode View
Look Up Information Using
1 Click to display the
document in Read Mode view.
2 Select the word you want to
look up and right-click.
3 From the menu that appears,
click Define .
Note: If you have not yet installed
a dictionary, a pane appears, giving
you dictionary choices. See Chapter 4
for details on downloading and
installing a dictionary.
A Word displays a balloon
containing definition
To close the balloon, click
anywhere outside of it.
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