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Chapter 8: Reviewing Documents
Work in Read Mode View (continued)
Read Mode view offers more than just minimized eye strain; while you work in Read Mode view,
you can look up words in the dictionary, search the Internet for a word or phrase, highlight
important text, and insert comments in documents you are reviewing. If you are viewing a long
document in Read Mode view, you can also use the Navigation pane to move around the document.
You can open the Navigation pane from the Tools menu in Read Mode view; for details on using the
Navigation pane, see the section “Scan Document Content” later in this chapter.
Work in Read Mode View (continued)
Highlight Important Text
1 Click to display the
document in Read Mode view.
2 Select the words you want to
highlight and right-click.
3 From the menu that appears,
click Highlight .
4 Click a highlight color.
A Word highlights the selected
text in the color you chose.
You can click anywhere
outside the highlight to see
its full effect and continue
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