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Chapter 8: Reviewing Documents
Reviewing Documents
Insert a Comment
1 Click to display the
document in Read Mode view.
2 Select the words about which
you want to comment, and
3 From the menu that appears,
click New Comment .
B Word changes the color used
to select the text and displays
a comment block containing
the insertion point.
4 Type your comment.
5 Click
to close the comment
C This symbol represents your
comment; click it at any time
to view the comment.
What are some of the different views available in
Read Mode?
To display all comments in the document, click View
and then click Show Comments . To view your
document as if it were printed on paper, click View
and then click Layout . From the menu that appears,
click Paper Layout .
Can I change the column width?
Yes. Click View and then click Column Width . From
the menu that appears, choose Narrow or Wide ;
click Default to return to the original column view.
Note that on a standard monitor, Default and Wide
look the same; Wide takes effect on wide-screen
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