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Find and Replace Text
Find and Replace Text
Suppose you want to edit a paragraph in your document that contains a specific word or phrase.
You can use Word’s Find tool to search for the word or phrase instead of scrolling through your
document to locate that paragraph.
In addition, you can use the Replace tool to replace instances of a word or phrase with other text. For
example, suppose you complete a long report, only to discover that you have misspelled the name of a
product you are reviewing; you can use the Replace tool to locate and correct the misspellings.
Find and Replace Text
Find Text
1 Click at the beginning of your
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Find .
A The Navigation pane appears.
4 Type the text that you want
to find.
B Word searches the document and
highlights occurrences of the text.
C Word also lists occurrences of the
text in the Navigation pane.
5 Click an entry in the Navigation
D Word selects the corresponding
text in the document.
6 When finished, click the
Navigation pane’s
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