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Find and Replace Text
Reviewing Documents
Replace Text
1 Click at the beginning of your
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Replace .
The Find and Replace dialog box
opens with the Replace tab shown.
4 In the Find what box, type the text
that you want to find.
5 Type the replacement text in the
Replace with box.
6 Click Find Next .
E Word locates the first occurrence.
7 Click Replace to replace the
F To replace every occurrence in the
document, you can click Replace All .
Note: When Word finds no more
occurrences, a message appears; click
OK, and the Cancel button in the Find
and Replace window changes to Close.
8 Click Close .
Where can I find detailed search options?
Click More in the Find and Replace dialog box to
reveal additional search options. For example, you
can search for matching text case, whole words, and
more. You can also search for specific formatting or
special characters by clicking Format and Special .
How can I search for and delete text?
Start by typing the text you want to delete in the
Find what box; then leave the Replace with box
empty. When you search and click Replace , Word
looks for the text and replaces it with nothing,
effectively deleting the text for which you searched.
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