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Scan Document Content
Reviewing Documents
3 Click any heading in the
Navigation pane to select it.
E Word moves the insertion
point to this heading in your
Navigate by Page
1 Click Pages .
F Word displays each page in
your document as a thumbnail.
2 Click a thumbnail.
G Word selects that page in the
Navigation pane and moves the
insertion point to the top of
that page. In the Navigation
pane, Word surrounds the
current page with a heavy
blue border.
What can I do with the Search Document box?
You can use the Search Document box to find text in
your document; see the “Find Text” subsection of
the section “Find and Replace Text” for details on
using this box and on other ways you can search for
information in your document.
Can I control the headings that appear?
Yes. While viewing headings, right-click any heading
in the Navigation pane. From the menu that appears,
point at Show Heading Levels and, from the
submenu that appears, click the heading level you
want to display (for example, Show Heading 1 ,
Show Heading 2 , and so on up to Show Heading 9 ).
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