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Check Spelling and Grammar
Check Spelling and Grammar
Word automatically checks for spelling and grammar errors. Misspellings appear underlined with a
red wavy line, and grammar errors are underlined with a blue wavy line. If you prefer, you can
turn off Word’s automatic Spelling and Grammar Check features.
Alternatively, you can review your entire document for spelling and grammatical errors all at one
time. To use Word’s Spelling and Grammar checking feature, you must install a dictionary; see
Chapter 4 for details on downloading and installing apps for Word.
Check Spelling and Grammar
Correct a Mistake
1 When you encounter a spelling or
grammar problem, right-click the
underlined text.
A A menu appears, showing possible
corrections. Click one, if applicable.
B To ignore the error, click Ignore All .
C To make Word stop flagging a word as
misspelled, click Add to Dictionary .
Run the Spell Checker
1 Click at the beginning of your
Note: To check only a section of your
document, select the section first.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click Spelling & Grammar .
D Word selects the first mistake and
displays either the Spelling or the
Grammar pane.
E The spelling or grammar mistake
appears here.
F Suggestions to correct the error
appear here.
G Definitions of the error and the
highlighted suggestion appear here.
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