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Work with AutoCorrect
Reviewing Documents
The AutoCorrect dialog box
A The corrections Word already
makes automatically appear
in this area.
5 Click here and type the word
you typically mistype or
6 Click here and type the
correct version of the word.
7 Click Add .
B Word adds the entry to the
list to automatically correct.
You can repeat Steps to 7
for each automatic correction
you want to add.
8 Click OK to close the
AutoCorrect dialog box.
9 Click OK to close the Word
Options dialog box.
How does the automatic
correction work?
As you type, if you mistype or
misspell a word stored as an
AutoCorrect entry, Word corrects
the entry when you press
What should I do if Word automatically replaces an entry that I
do not want replaced?
Position the insertion point at the beginning of the AutoCorrected
word and click the AutoCorrect Options button ( ). From the list
that appears, click Change back to . To make Word permanently
stop correcting an entry, follow Steps to , click the stored 4
AutoCorrect entry in the list, and then click Delete .
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