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Using Word’s Thesaurus and Dictionary
Using Word’s Thesaurus and Dictionary
If you are having trouble finding just the right word or phrase, you can use Word’s thesaurus. The
thesaurus can help you find a synonym — a word with a similar meaning — for the word you
originally chose, as well as an antonym, which is a word with an opposite meaning. When you use
the thesaurus to look up a word, you also see the word’s definition.
If you prefer, you can bypass the thesaurus and use the dictionary you download from the Office
Store; see Chapter 4 for details on how to download and install an Office app.
Using Word’s Thesaurus and Dictionary
Using Word’s Thesaurus
1 Click anywhere in the word for which
you want to find a substitute or
Note: You can press
display the Thesaurus pane.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click the Thesaurus button (
The Thesaurus pane appears.
A The word you selected appears here.
B Each word with an arrow on its left
and a part of speech on its right
represents a major heading.
Note: You cannot substitute major
headings for the word in your document.
C Each word listed below a major
heading is a synonym or antonym
for the major heading.
D Antonyms are marked.
4 Point the mouse at the word you
want to use in your document and
click the
that appears.
5 Click Insert .
Word replaces the word in your
document with the one in the
Thesaurus pane.
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