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Translate Text
Translate Text
You can translate a word from one language to another using language dictionaries installed
on your computer. If you are connected to the Internet, the Translation feature searches the
dictionaries on your computer as well as online dictionaries.
While the feature is capable of fairly complex translations, it may not grasp the tone or meaning of your
text. You can choose Translate Document from the Translate drop-down menu to send the document
over the Internet for translation, but be aware that Word sends documents as unencrypted HTML files. If
security is an issue, do not choose this route; instead, consider hiring a professional translator.
Translate Text
Translate a Word or Phrase
1 Select a word or phrase to
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click Translate .
4 Click Translate Selected Text .
The Research pane appears.
A The phrase you selected appears
B The current translation
languages appear here.
C You can click to display
available translation languages.
D The translation appears here.
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