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Track and Review Document Changes
Track and Review Document Changes
If you share your Word documents with others, you can use the program’s Track Changes feature to
identify the edits others have made, including formatting changes and text additions or deletions. The
Track Changes feature uses different colors for each person’s edits, so you can easily distinguish edits
made by various people. By default, Word displays changes in Simple Markup view, which indicates, in
the left margin, areas that have changes. This section demonstrates how to track and interpret changes.
When you review the document, you decide whether to accept or reject the changes.
Track and Review Document Changes
Turn On Tracking
1 Click the Review tab on the
2 Click Track Changes to start
monitoring document
3 Edit the document.
A A red vertical bar appears in
the left margin area to indicate
that changes were made to the
corresponding line.
Note: When you open a document
containing tracked changes, Simple
Markup is the default view. Red
vertical bars appear in the left
margin to indicate locations where
changes were made.
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