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Track and Review Document Changes
Reviewing Documents
Review Changes
1 Click any vertical bar in the left
All vertical bars turn gray and Word
changes the view to All Markup and
displays all changes in the document.
B Additions to the text appear
underlined and in color.
C Deleted text appears in color with
strikethrough formatting.
2 Place the insertion point at the
beginning of the document.
3 Click Next .
D Word highlights the first change.
4 Click Accept to add the change to the
document or click Reject to revert the
text to its original state.
Note: To accept all changes in the
document, click the down arrow under the
Accept button and choose Accept All
Changes .
5 Repeat Steps and until you have 4
reviewed all changes.
6 When you complete the review, click
Track Changes to turn the feature off.
Can I see who made each change?
Yes. You can use the Reviewing pane. Follow these steps.
Click the Review tab on the Ribbon, and then click
Reviewing Pane . The Reviewing pane opens, summarizing
the types of edits and showing each person’s edits.
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